Application for Admission for Students 

Welcome to Raffles Design Institute. You have made an important career decision to join thousands of other aspiring designers around the world who have selected Raffles Design Institute for career training and education.

Your decision ensures you will receive the professional training required for a successful career and that you will have every opportunity to achieve the personal satisfaction that comes from succeeding in your chosen career.

Please help us to process your application promptly and correctly by completing this form. Incomplete or incorrect information could delay the process of your application. Please print or write clearly in BLOCK letters. All applications should include the following:

For Students

  1. Copy of Applicant’s National ID or Passport.
  2. Three (3) passport sized photographs.
  3. Copies of Applicant’s latest educational transcripts and certificates (Original    language and English Translated).
  4. Updated Resume if Applicant has working experience for more than one (1) year.
  5. Application Fee and Course Fee to be made payable to “شركة التمكين الشرقي للتدريب المحدودة “.
  6. Student will receive the Letter of Acceptance and enter into a Standard Student Contract upon admission.