Course Overview:

The Advanced Diploma in Video Games Design merges the basics of design with the art of rendering concepts in digital formats for diverse audience and various purposes. It teaches how to develop specialized and realistic elements of game experiences. Video game design refers to planning, designing, and creating video games. Video game designers will often work closely with other members of a team to create video games for computers and video game consoles. Designing video games is a very specialized and challenging career. It builds creativity, analytical reasoning and visual literacy. Students learn how to create expressive uses of media and technology. This program allows students to minor in art and design, which includes several courses helpful in video game design. These include digital imaging, introduction to design, drawing and composition, introduction to figure drawing and printmaking. There are also graphic design studio and advanced studio project courses.

Career Opportunities:

Game programmer Game artist Game modeller Game designer Game level artist Texture artist Character artists and animators Concept storyboard artist Digital illustrator.


Course Module Covers:

– Drawing for Designers – Digital and Applied Illustration – Design Principles – Colour Theory – Academic Research & Communication Skills – Object Oriented Programming for Designers (OOP) – Digital Image Processing
– Interactive Media Design – Design History & Culture – Animation Principles – 3D Techniques – Screenplay & Storyboarding – Advanced Programming for Game Designers – 3D Character Modeling – Video & Audio Techniques
– Body Mechanics (Rigging) – Video Games Project – Game Level Design – 2D Games Design – Matte Painting – 3D Character Animation – Portfolio & Presentation – Industrial Attachment