Studying the Advanced Diploma in Interior Design with Raffles Design Institute.

Raffles aims to rise to the challenges that different eras will demand different values, skills, behaviors and competencies from all of us. As a higher education provider, we strive to lead in the development of creativity, design and management expertise to contribute to the development of society.
In an increasingly competitive, commercial and technological environment, designers have never played such a central and important role in re-defining an ever-changing creative environment.
The objectives of the Advanced Diploma in Interior Design program is to develop the students technical knowledge, creative skills and analytical ability that will enhance their professional competency in their chosen fields, taking into account the ever changing global environment. The students must learn to be flexible and sensitive to the changes in the current trends in modern business organization and management needs of the industry. They will develop their own individual strategies, and learn the intricacies of leadership and teamwork necessary in designing Interior spaces. The program will introduce new ideas and practices and encourage them to think about the purposes of interior design in contemporary society. .
The interior design students are made aware of the challenges in a frequently changing working environment. They accept that different eras will demand different values, skills, behaviors and competencies. Subsequently, students are encouraged to continuously upgrade and remain competitively relevant with the tools they have learned. The program focus on the whole spectrum of design activities aptly applied in professional practices and draws its strength from the way functional blocks of interior space planning are integrated to facilitate the consideration of different approaches to achieve optimum solutions.
Development of the student professional acumen to participate in the wide-ranging fields of interior projects is the ultimate objective of the program. The key factor of the program is the inclination toward applied practice. The students are expected to be able to appreciate the whole process of space planning and design and their relevant professional fields and be able to constructively contribute towards organizational success and personal growth.
As part of the program, students are required to source out interior design organizations and conduct an internship project with them. They are required to constantly maintain a professional attitude with their ‘bosses’ and assist them to achieve stated organizational goals.
The overall emphasis of the Program is to provide the students with “hands-on” knowledge. The classroom environment is traded for real world experience. This multi-faceted program includes project preparation, making industry contacts, presenting relevant solutions, and acquiring professional skills and experience. Following graduation, students can make use of the business contacts they have developed and launch themselves on to a successful career.