“The global high quality education you don’t have to leave your family for

Raffles is a high end quality private education provider recognized internationally for being the #1 design specialized undergraduate and graduate school in Asia Pacific since 1990 and one of the top 50 design schools worldwide with over 20,000 graduates and current applicants, today, Raffles network stretches to 30 colleges in 29 cities in 12 countries across Asia Pacific, Asia, Australia & the Middle east.

Proudly this global educational experience is brought to the Middle East starting in Riyadh in 2013 through an exciting joint venture between Raffles International Corporation and one of Saudi Arabia’s leading and diversified enterprises.

With Raffles International Education Corporation Expertise Coming to Riyadh, applicants can benefit from its gains while staying close to their loved ones.

NOW Riyadh “DESIGNERS TO BE” have the opportunity to discover, shape, attain, transfer and apply knowledge to become the best design creator in any of the following majors we offer:

Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Visual communication Design, Fashion Marketing & Merchandising, Interior Design & Gaming Design.

In Raffles we are committed to promoting design as an industry and designers as creative artists who seek their passion and excel to excellence and promise Riyadh community a new wave of talent manufacturing contributing to the overall refinement in design culture which pours into its vision of being the ‘Saudi Design Hub”.

Serving its purpose of delivering leaders in their professions and the society, Raffles KSA in its mission and team are working rigorously on emphasizing its role of empowerment by providing female applicants the required knowledge and skills to become entrepreneurs and professional players in the Design world locally and globally.

The full time study and incorporated design international modules along with the inspiring and horizon broadening environment reflects the attained results of delivering a well rounded student with unique exposure to the global movement and culture.