In design, ideas matter. In business and entrepreneurship, the speed in which ideas are formed and connected is key. At Raffles, we help you achieve ideas and speed with a sense of urgency like no other Institute of its kind. The programs at Raffles are designed to incubate creative professionals and entrepreneurs, instilling a culture of time’s correlation with success.

Taught by an international academic team, students are equipped with industry-relevant knowledge and the ability to interact with people of diverse nationalities to achieve career maturity at an expedited rate.

Raffles Design Institute offers three intakes every year. Students are given the flexibility to commence their studies at a time convenient for them, while graduates can choose to enter the labor force at any one of the two windows in a given year. This enables our graduates to maximize their employment and entrepreneurial prospects.

One academic year consists of 3 terms with 11 study weeks each, and holidays between terms as well as regular scheduled Saudi holiday periods. After successfully completing the 6 week Foundation term, students graduate into the Diploma or Advanced Diploma program consisting of 4 terms for the Diploma and 8 terms for the Advanced Diploma.

Therefore from commencement of Foundation Studies to graduation with a world-class Associate Degree (Advanced Diploma in Design) takes approximately 26 months.